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Mechanical Upkeep and Tank Inspections near Lethbridge

The service department at AV Brake Ltd. is well equipped to maintain the condition of your semi-trailer, or any other heavy duty vehicle brought in for inspection. With our years of welding experience and specialized expertise, we are the only service provider capable of providing tank inspections in the Lethbridge area. Maintain your equipment and ensure your vehicle is ready for the season with our forthright assessments, advice, and workmanship. Our licensed technicians and professional journeymen are here to help 6 days a week.

Mechanical Service for Your Business

We deal in all of the following:

3-ton, 5-ton trucks

Semi-trailers, trailers


Diesel, gasoline, and propane-fueled vehicles

We have the credentials and know-how you require:

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station

Licensed heavy duty technicians

Transport Canada licensed tank Inspection facility

Tank Test TC 350,406,407,412

IBC Tank Test Facility TC 11,44,51,60

Our specialties include:

Auto greaser repair


Clutch and drivetrains

Exhaust and emissions control

Frame repair/alterations

Fleet maintenance

Motor vehicle inspections


Trailer service/repair

Aluminum welding


We bend custom U-bolts

Steam cleaning for tanks

Spring repair

Secure peace of mind with regular servicing from the staff at AV Brake Ltd. Book your next visit or send us a message. Visit our monthly flyer to discover our latest promotions.

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